Original Girl by Emmett Kai


Cover art by Drew Hardgrove

Cover art by Drew Hardgrove


Emmett Kai rides the wave between dream rock and soft pop.

Born in the countryside of Sonoma County, CA - The American multi-instrumentalist learned the sticks, picks, and keys after being subjected to the Bay Area music scene. He quickly learned the ropes of production, recording, & engineering to sponsor his ideas further into existence. His debut release in 2018, “Midnight,” took a life of its own, propelling him into touring Europe & the US, making stops at Off-Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Eleva Festival in Reggio Emilia, and select venues in New York & LA.

Pop music and the avant-garde is his home.

In 2018, Emmett has produced several successful and noteworthy records, including “Smooth Sailing” by Julietta & “Heroin Disco” LP by Nick Monaco… to name a few. You can find the rest of his portfolio here.


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